Many people have been asking me about what is it that I really liked in Windows 7 and what is it that convinced me to switch to it. And the more surprising thing that people found was how other people were convinced by my arguments in support for Windows 7. Well, it’s not that I am good at convincing people but given the product in hand, I did not have to convince them much! The minute they saw the potential of Windows 7, I guess they were hooked and wanted to use it. Personally, for me the first thing that I really liked about the new Windows was that the Taskbar. Though not a new feature, the Taskbar has existed in various avatars on the Windows XP and Windows Vista. But never has it been so customizable and easy to use. In Vista, the Taskbar displayed the open windows and open programs and if you dragged the pointer over it, you would get a thumbnail image of it. You could not do much with it, however the Taskbar in Windows 7 is something else altogether. It still helps you to switch between Windows but the truly amazing thing that it lets you do its pin your favorite programs to it. Imagine, every time I open my laptop to work drafts for the blog, I don’t have to go to the ‘Start’ Menu to Microsoft Office and open word. All I have to do is ‘pin’ word to the Taskbar and a shortcut is created for me. Isn’t it neat! Well there is still some more gushing left to do! You can arrange the order of icons!! I like to have my Google Chrome Icon right next to the Internet Explorer, so that I don’t have to move the mouse too much and can easily switch from IE to Chrome. The other interesting thing that I found was the Jump list, where I can literally hop to the program/ file /application that I use most. To search for my favorite song that I have been listening to all week, earlier I had to open Media Player, and then search for it from the entire list. But not anymore! With Jump list, all I have to do is right click on Windows Media Player icon on the Taskbar and it displays a list of songs that I have listened to most. I have to click on the arrow next to the program and I can listen to my favorite song again!! Another thing that I really liked was the ease with which I can search for documents/ files/folders. I have to admit I am the most disorganized person in my family. Usually, I will work on a document and in my hurry to sign out, assign it a name and save it anywhere on the laptop. And when I actually need to work on the document again I am unable to find it in the folder I thought I had saved it in. Well, Windows 7 makes my life a little easier; searching for a document is made simple in Windows7. All I have to do is type the word or part of the word in the search box in start menu and a list will be displayed. Now the interesting thing is that all files which match the word I entered will be displayed, Windows carries out this search of text in the file, file name and tags. Very Cool! Isn’t it? Well to read more about features of Windows, I guess you will have to keep on reading this blog! To understand more about using these features, you can chat with a certified technician on this site.